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Updates to Tracking System - February 2024

In this update:

                                         1. Email Notifications

                                    2. Dismiss Button

1. Weekly email notifications will be sent to agency administrators to keep agencies informed about their kits' status.

  • The notifications mentioned in the emails will need to be resolved via kit action or by using the dismiss button in the notifications screen within the system.
  • This feature was requested by users in order to be kept apprised of their kits’ status without needing to log into the system each day.
  • For information on how to use the dismiss button. Please see the information in section 2 below.


2. Ability for agency administrators to dismiss kits showing in the notification screen that are old or do not belong to your agency/jurisdiction.

  • The dismiss feature will be in the Notifications screen and is available for certain actions based on your agency type. Collection Sites will not have a dismiss button.
  • Only agency administrators will have access to the dismiss button.
  • You will first need to select a kit and then press the Dismiss button. This action should be used sparingly and only in situations in which you are certain that the notification to your agency was sent in error or is no longer applicable. 

If you need assistance on either of these, please email