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State Expert Committee


The Sexual Assault, Child Abuse and Human Trafficking State Expert Committee (SEC)

The Committee is an initiative of the Georgia SART Project. The SEC promotes a statewide, comprehensive and unified response to combat sexual assault, child abuse and human trafficking through a combination of trainings, reviews of sexual assault and child advocacy centers, publishing of the SART Guide, coordination of the SEC, and other initiatives. Members meet quarterly to work on projects such as protocol development, training initiatives and legislative topics. 


SEC members serve a 2-year term (currently 2022-2024) and are comprised of the following professional backgrounds:

  • Advocates
  • Forensic Interviewers
  • University Staff
  • Judges
  • SANEs and Other Medical Professionals
  • Executive Directors
  • Statewide Partners
  • Law Enforcement
  • Georgia Survivor Advisory Council
  • Prosecutors