A Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is a multi-disciplinary, inter-agency collaboration that unites its members in a coordinated, victim-centered approach in responding to sexual assaults. It allows those who respond to sexual assaults a way to intervene that addresses each victim’s circumstance and respects the unique roles of the different professionals involved in responding to sexual assault cases. It is a team approach implementing a comprehensive, sensitive, coordinated system of intervention and care for sexual assault victims, making the victims’ needs a priority, holding offenders accountable, and promoting public safety. 

The purpose of the Sexual Violence Resource of Georgia website is to:

  1. Help Georgia communities understand the benefits of the SART response
  2. Outline the principles guiding SARTs
  3. Provide information to form and sustain a community SART 
  4. Provide resources and training opportunities for best practices in SART response 
  5. Connect SART members with local contacts and resources

Members Only Page

A SART member can access protocols, resources, and information and connect with other SART members specific to their judicial circuit. Please use member login to register and access this information. 

*This site has been designed to be used by communities that are in the first stages of SART development, as well as by communities that have an established SART and would like to strengthen it.