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The Standards help ensure that all children across the U.S. served by Children’s Advocacy Centers receive consistent evidence-based and evidence-supported interventions that help them pursue safety, healing, and justice.

End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) is a professional organization that offers resources and trainings to educate those who respond to gender-based violence, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to support victims and hold perpetrators accountable. EVAWI promotes victim-centered, multidisciplinary collaboration.

This website is provided by the International Association of Forensic Nurses and provides trainings and resources specific to those conducting forensic medical exams.  

The International Association for Forensic Nurses is a membership organization that provides resources needed to develop a forensic nurse's practice, get recognized, and connect with other peers in the profession. The Association offers Certifications, continuing education through their Online Learning Center (OLC)Educational Guidelines, networking through their Member Community, local Chapter events, the Journal of Forensic Nursing, and the International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice

The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators is a membership organization that seeks to advance public safety for educational institutions through educational resources, advocacy, and professional development services.