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Sample Inventory of Existing Services Referral Questionnaire

The purpose of taking inventory of existing services is to examine agencies in your community currently addressing victims of sexual assault and to become aware of all services and resources available to these victims.  The inventory should be as comprehensive as possible, and it should include services from your local sexual assault crisis center, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors’ offices, medical facilities, mental health programs, victim services organizations, culturally specific service providers, faith based agencies that may be providing survivor support services, and other social service agencies that are able to assist sexual assault victims.  The result of the inventory of existing services is a comprehensive directory of agencies and organizations providing services to victims of sexual assault within your community.

To conduct the inventory, your SART needs to develop a questionnaire to identify five issues:

  • Service availability
  • Accessibility
  • Quantity
  • Quality; and
  • Legitimacy.
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