Protocols and Guidelines

Sample Sexual Assault Protocol

  • This sample protocol is to be used as an example only and does not replace the collaborative aspects of developing a community based Sexual Assault Response Team. Input from local agencies on each community's policies and procedures is essential.
  • Please note that this sample protocol uses the term “patient” in the forensic medical sections as it is not the job of the SANE to determine whether the elements of a crime have been met, but to treat the patient and document evidentiary findings

Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Guide

Created as a part of the Georgia SART Project, the goal of the Guide is to assist law enforcement officers, prosecutors, court personnel, and victim service providers with a statewide, unified, consistent response to cases of sexual assault. The Guide is meant to serve as a resource for SARTs across Georgia as they develop their own sexual assault response protocols; strengthening community-specific plans, but not replacing them.